Staff Participation Ideas


Everyone can participate in
Miracle Jeans Day!

These are just a few ways
you can get your staff motivated
for Miracle Jeans Day.

Try some of these ideas or come up with your own!

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Select a Miracle Jeans Day
Team Captain

Select a team captain to be the champion of your credit union’s Miracle Jeans Day efforts. The team captain can help promote Miracle Jeans Day throughout the credit union and will be responsible for collecting donations and organizing fun ways to get your employees engaged. Be sure your team captain knows about the turnkey materials available here.

Get Employees Excited:

Engage Your Executive Team — Employees are motivated when they see leadership engagement. Present Miracle Jeans Day at Staff Meetings and encourage your leadership to ask everyone to participate.

Share the Impact — Invite your local CMN hospital to speak your staff. Solicit staff who are willing to share personal stories about how your local CMN Hospital has impacted them personally. Show videos of the kids you are helping so employees understand the impact they can make. You can find videos here.

Make Goal-Setting Fun!

Giant Jeans — Make a giant pair of jeans and encourage staff to “build the jeans.” For every $5 donation, add a tennis ball into the jeans to “fill them up.” If the credit union or branch reaches their goal, the entire staff gets a prize.

Create a Competition — Challenge branches to reach their participation goal first. Winners receive free lunch or an ice cream social on Miracle Jeans Day.

Miracle Jeans Day with the Boss — Ask the President/CEO to challenge the staff to participate. If the goal is met, he/she will host a special lunch for participants.

Celebrate Your Style — Feel free to overdo the denim message by adding denim shoes, a denim bag or any accessory you can think of that screams jeans to your attire! If baking is more your style, why not look on Pinterest for some “blue” cake/cookie recipes such as denim-wearing gingerbread men that you can hand out at work to further promote Miracle Jeans Day.

Set a Fundraising Goal

Utilize the Goal Tracking Poster to help gain participants and excitement in your Miracle Jeans Day campaign. Ask your HR manager what resources are available to promote Miracle Jeans Day in your credit union. You may also be able to utilize paycheck stuffers, employee billboards, or place materials in the break room.

Hold Multiple Jeans Days

Encourage staff members to donate $5 to wear jeans to work on any Friday during the Miracle Jeans Day campaign (Aug. 1 to Sept. 12) plus Wednesday, Sept. 12. As a bonus, encourage a lump sum donation of $30 to cover all six Fridays and Sept. 12 so your team members can “buy six and get one free!”

Motivate Employees with Raffles

Raffle Paid Time Off — Sell raffle tickets to staff during the Miracle Jeans Day Campaign (Aug. 1 to Sept. 12) to win paid time off. Remind your team that all proceeds will benefit your local children’s hospital.

Double the Impact — Studies show people are more likely to make a donation when someone is matching their efforts. Consider matching all donations made by employees and/or members on a specific day. Staff members receive an extra (free) raffle ticket for every $5 dollars they raise from members by selling paper icons.

Double Entry Day — Surprise staff with a day where they will receive TWO extra (free) raffle tickets for each Miracle Jeans Day icon they sell to members.

Consider raffling off other prizes — A gift card to to purchase a pair of designer jeans, lunch with a manager, gift cards, etc. could be strong motivators. Or instead of purchasing a raffle ticket, employees can pay $5 to wear jeans each Friday and receive a ticket every time they do.

Celebrate Success

On Miracle Jeans Day, create a credit union-wide event. Announce your fundraising totals and celebrate by having a barbeque, potluck, or ice cream party where everyone can see your accomplishments! Consider inviting local media as well. Don’t be hesitant to share pictures of your staff celebrating Miracle Jeans Day on social media! By doing this, you are celebrating your success with your community as well as other credit unions.

Get your Staff Excited
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