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Does your credit union offer a "Skip A Pay" program?

Your Skip A Pay Program Can Help Your Local Children's Hospital. Here is how it works:

Credit unions across the nation offer members the opportunity to “skip” their loan payment for a nominal processing fee. Some offer the program during holidays and summer vacation months, others offer the program as an option year-round to combat unexpected hardships that members face. Instead of having to cut corners to make a monthly payment on their loans, members can skip a payment for a month and use those funds for other things!

Did you know that your credit union can use a Skip A Pay program not only to help your members, but also your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital? This is a powerful way to help members, the community and local kids all at the same time.

In 2021, 25 credit unions included a fundraising component with their Skip A Pay program, raising over $167,000 for local CMN Hospitals! Give it a try! You may even see an increase in members benefiting from your Skip A Pay program when you do!’

Gene Pelham
President & CEO Rogue Credit Union Medford, Oregon

"Using our Skip A Pay program to engage our members and raise funds for our local CMN Hospital allows us to combine this very popular member benefit with our goal of helping hospitalized kids right here in our community. It is a win for our members, the community and the credit union.”

Most credit unions charge processing fees between $20 and $40 per loan payment skipped. Your credit union can choose to donate all or a portion of the fees to CMN Hospitals. If you already offer a Skip A Pay program as a service to your member, consider raising the fee by $5 (or other chosen amount) with the additional dollars going to CMN Hospitals as a donation. This would allow your credit union to participate without a loss in revenue.

Here is what your colleagues are saying about Skip A Pay

Michele Beasely
Marketing Manager Telcoe Federal Credit Union Little Rock, AR

"We have partnered with Children’s Miracle Network for many years. This past June we offered our Members the ability to skip their loan payment for a $35 donation to CMN Hospitals. We had Members that loved this benefit and even those that made donations but chose to not skip their loan payment. We were able to donate $12,305 to CMN Hospitals with this fundraiser.

Angie Schreiner
Senior Vice President, Marketing Liberty First Credit Union Lincoln, NE

"Offering our members the opportunity to donate through our Skip A Pay program gives them an easy way to help raise funds for our local CMN Hospital. It combines our goals of helping our members and our community."

Kelly Ramsey
Marketing Director Five County Credit Union Portland, ME

"Integral to Five County Credit Union's culture is its commitment to helping others. Five County, its employees and members have participated in the Skip A Pay program since 2003. Since the inception, we have donated more than $50,000 to The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.
Funds raised from this program are provided to assist children fighting for a better opportunity to obtain treatment and retain a sense of normalcy throughout their lives. The Skip A Pay program provides minimal fee income for our Credit Union which allows us to in turn, continue offering the best products and services to our members."

Jaime Crooks
VP of Marketing Ohio HealthCare Federal Credit Union Healthcare Credit Union System Dublin, OH

“We’ve been offering a Skip A Pay program for several years. It’s a simple initiative that allows us to benefit our members’ financial needs and our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital at the same time. Our members appreciate the fact that a portion of the fee they pay supports kids in our community.”

Here are just a few of the credit unions already participating in the program from around the country:

• Amicus Federal Credit Union
• Central Kansas Credit Union
• Cyprus Federal Credit Union
• Day Air Credit Union
• Dexsta Federal Credit Union
• District 7 Highway Credit Union
• First Abilene Federal Credit Union
• First Class American Credit Union
• Five County Credit Union
Forrit Credit Union
• GenFed Federal Credit Union
• Great Plains Federal Credit Union
• Kansas State University Federal Credit Union
• KEMBA Financial Credit Union
• Liberty First Credit Union

• MAINSTREET Credit Union
Mid-Kansas Credit Union
• Northwest Christian Credit Union
• Ohio HealthCare Federal Credit Union
• Pine Tree Community Credit Union
• Pocatello Simplot Credit Union
• Progressions Credit Union
• Reliance Credit Union
• Rogue Credit Union
• Spokane City Credit Union
• Spokane Media Federal Credit Union
• Statewide Federal Credit Union
• Strait View Credit Union
• Sunflower U P Federal Credit Union
• USPLK Employees Federal Credit Union

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