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Sponsor events at your local children's hospital.
Get your brand in front of new and unique audiences.
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Change Kids Health to Change the Future

Age 5

Since 1996, credit unions have raised over $165m for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, through the Credit Unions for Kids program. Each year, like in 2021, over 2/3rds of donations came from credit unions hosting or sponsoring events. It's an easy way to make an impact in your community, and comes with benefits of building your brand in the community.

In Q4 2022, we are encouraging credit unions to build on decades of success and sponsor local hospital events. These could include:
- Dance Marathons: this college fundraising program is active at over 300 schools in the US and has hundreds of thousands of students participating each year.

- Extra Life: this program taps an audience of gamers of all kinds: e-gamers, board gamers, card gamers, and more.

- Radiothons: an easy way to get your brand on-air. Radio is the highest reach medium for adults of all ages. Each week, it reaches 90% of adults who have a personal loan.

Kid's can't wait for a return to normal. They need your help now.

Children’s hospitals need your support. Yes, they play a key role in improving health outcomes for children but they also help financial resources/aid that minimize the medical expenses and promote economic stability for families in need as well as broader local communities.

Did you know... the number one reason for financial ruin in the US is medical debt? Your donations not only provide advanced healthcare to families in need, but also more affordable.

Participating is Simple!

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  • Connect With Local Children's Hospital Rep

    Work with your local hospital rep to learn about all opportunities then choose the best fit for your credit union.

  • Celebrate!

    Use social media and other templates to share your impact with your community

Sponsorship Interest Form

Click on the button below to fill out the registration form. This will prompt a representative from your local children's hospital to contact you to present local sponsorship opportunities. Thank you for your interest!

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